I'm creative and bossy (the new age calls me a strong woman leader instead, I'll take it) and I have a vision. That works well when it comes to not only designing interior spaces, but also styling brands.  I took my first stab at styling when I opened my own brick and mortar, gift and home decor store, Sailors Siren, with no retail experience whatsoever. All of a sudden I was a visual merchandiser. And I was gooooood at it. The store became a hub for a handful of local Jacksonville Beaches based brands who I aided in setting up their displays. That evolved into styling photo shoots as well and here we are. 


Photo SHoots

My hat full of tricks includes location scouting, organizing the shot list and sourcing examples of shots that need to be emulated, planning for and tracking down all necessary props and of course styling the shoot the day of. What does "styling the shoot" mean? It means I run around like a madwoman prepping shots while the photographer shoots the previous shot I've styled and being in two places at once making sure the current shot is turning out the way we want it to. 



Having never worked a day in my life in retail prior to opening my shop I didn't realize that when I became the owner of a brick and mortar store that I also took on the job of visual merchandiser (and accountant, janitor, bureaucratic bullish*t sorter, etc). Turns out, I don't suck at it! Which has led to helping a few brands set up displays and pop ups. 

Hourly rates starting at $50.
Ask about project specific rates.