interior Design

Designing your home should not be stressful. It is not rocket science nor puppy oncology. Your home should be a reflection of who you are, what you like, where you've been and where you're from, how you live and with who. Here's an idea of the kinds of jobs I've done and services I offer. 

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The vision

We bought an ugly house. Why? Because I saw it's potential. (Also because this is DC and sh*t is expensive!) Sometimes you just need someone to help you with the "this is what this could be" factor, to help you visualize if you paint that, knock that down, replace this and move that you can drastically improve a home.

I have the vision. And a whole lot of opinions that you may find useful.

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renovation help

Whatever you do, please don't let your contractor design your house and pick materials out for you! This is your home, not theirs. And they're not designers. Even with a spectacular contractor, renovating is a headache and more often than not you feel like you should be committed once or twice through the process. 

We can work together to make the process a bit less stressful. I can help you tackle big picture items like layout, cabinet selection, flooring and surfaces. Mid level decisions like wall color and lighting or on the little details (which can make or break a space) such as cabinets vs. drawers, pulls, light switches, and where the outlets should go. 

Note: I charge extra for therapy, but not for coffee and cocktails. You'll need all three to get through a renovation.

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room by room

I usually suggest folks who aren't into designing their own spaces or are frightened by the process (which is why you're here, right?) start with a single room. This could be a simple spruce up with minor changes and a few new decor accessories or a complete overhaul with new furniture, paint, lighting and a completely different look.

If bigger projects don't scare you we can dive right into overhauling floor by floor or the whole shebang at once.




We've talked about the vision, the renovation and the decorating, but you have a special request or a specific need that doesn't fall into that category? Lets chat! I'm happy to provide consultation on a smaller or larger scale and if your project is out of my scope of work I'll tell you so. 

Hourly rates starting at $50.
Ask about project specific rates.