The best part of this project for client "I'm a big girl now" was that we found her taste. When we started, it was all "I don't know if I like that" and "I don't care, you pick something," but by the end I had found her voice. Her point of view. HER TASTE! 

This working lady wanted her space to feel modern, yet livable; polished, but welcoming. She knew she wanted blue and yellow accents, so to even the palette out we used blue, grey and neutrals in the dining and living area and white and yellow in the bedroom. We tied this small 1 bedroom apartment together by sprinkling gold throughout the entire space: gold frames in the living and bedroom, gold chargers, cocktail napkins, mirror and bar cart in the dining room and a gold tray and accent table in the living room. Who doesn't love gold? 

And to make this apartment feel like a home, we infused her Jewish heritage through details like a brass dradle on her nightside table, Israeli cook books in her bookcase in the kitchen, a gold foiled outline of Israel as part of a gallery wall and her parents housewarming present, an Oy Vey pillow, in her living room.

I was recently informed by client "I'm a big girl now" that she, on her own, was going to be doing a bit more to the space, her phase two if you will, by adding in a few details she wasn't ready to previously commit to. Get it girl. You really are a big girl now!