About Whit

Hi. I'm Whit. A shop owner, interior decorator and brand stylist based in NE, DC and when I can help it Atlantic Beach, FL. Here's my philosophy on design: 

  • It doesn't have to be expensive to look good. I love Amber Interiors as much as the next decor fanatic and appreciate craftsmanship, but a $5,000 ottoman just isn't quite in my budget (yet! maybe one day?). I have a messy husband, kid and animal who I have to consider on top of the budget. Some pieces are worth investing in and depending on where you are in your life and what your budget is, some things just aren't. Lucky for you I know how to mix and match steals, found pieces and heirlooms for a more pulled together look. 
  • Your home should be a reflection of who you are. Are you the west elm catalog? No! So don't buy every last piece of the room you saw online! 
  • Layering is your friend. This is not a one size fits all, cookie cutter goal for your space. At least while I'm on the clock.
  • Your home and style should be an evolving thing. Your kids won't be little forever (hello white dream couch), your favorite color might not be yellow next year, your next dog might not be as great as your last in the chewing department. Life changes, so do homes.
  • Last, but no least, when in doubt, black and white paint and clean lines do wonders.